Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fishing The Guadalupe River

Photo: Chris Carson
Have you ever gone fishing at one of our beautiful Central Texas rivers all excited to catch fish? Have you had thoughts of fresh fish on the grill at the camp site race through your head only to get skunked or catch a few 5" Bass?  Me too! Just like the pic on the left.

Probably the number 1 question we get at Twisted Oak from March to October is "How do you catch fish on the Guadalupe?"  My standard answer was to cover more water and get away from the areas that everyone else fishes and to do that, you need a kayak or canoe or private access to the river. At the very least wade further up or down stream to get away from the crowd at public access points; and I still stand by that advice.

However, on July 1, 2017 at 1:00 PM, we have Immanuel Barela coming to speak about fishing the Guadalupe.  He will provide some great insight on baits, reading the water, where to locate fish, tips, tactics, etc.  We will also have some special buys to correlate with his seminar.

Photo: Immanuel Barela
Immanuel is a content creator on YouTube and has caught some impressive bags here on our central Texas rivers including the Guadalupe.  You can check out one of his Guadalupe River videos

Come by Twisted Oak, get some great insight into fishing the Guadalupe and subscribe to Immanuel on YouTube.  Bring your gear and hit the river to put your new found knowledge to work!

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